Overdentures in Fairfield, CA

Replacing missing teeth with implant retained dentures

If you’ve experienced the effects of losing your teeth and the inconveniences of dentures, we’ve got a solution that will not only restore your smile but your confidence and peace of mind as well. We are proud to offer overdentures, a revolutionary full-mouth dental implant system.

An Innovative Solution for Missing Teeth

The demand for immediately replacing all missing teeth has led to a significant shift in how we deal with missing teeth: the overdenture. Also known as implant-supported dentures, this cutting-edge treatment allows Dr. Kuzman to combine implant technology with dentures to give you a brand-new smile and a fresh outlook on life, all in one visit!

Dentures and Implants: Working in Tandem

Traditional dentures can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, and unstable. And while dental implants are an excellent choice for single tooth replacements, on the scale of a full arch, we know that they can be expensive and complicated. However, putting these two treatments together—implant supported overdentures—yields a solution that works for nearly everyone.

Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures


This procedure requires just four implants per arch, so it is much more affordable than an entire row of implants.


Implants and replacement teeth can typically be placed during the same appointment.

Bone Graft-Free

We place two of the four implants at special angles in the back of the jaw, making the best use of available jawbone and often eliminating the need for bone grafting.


This treatment not only requires less time in the chair, but also less time to heal.

The Process: Full-Mouth Replacement

Like other dental implant procedures, we make sure that you are properly anesthetized for comfort during the surgery and that you don’t feel a thing.

This process involves the placing of four to six implants in the lower jaw that are connected by a custom support bar that holds a denture with internal retention clips. More stable than ball attachments and removable for cleaning, this option is very popular among our patients.

Post-op soreness can be managed with over-the-counter medications, and we’d be happy to discuss any necessary prescriptions at your appointment.

We are changing lives in a day, every day, with overdentures. Please call our friendly team for more information. Get started on your journey to renewed health and a restored smile today! Fairfield Office Phone Number (707) 422-8404