Dental Crowns & Bridges - Fairfield, CA

Repair Damage with Strong, Beautiful
Dental Crowns and Bridges

Rebuild, Renew, and Restore a Healthy Smile

When a tooth becomes seriously damaged, you might worry that there’s no way to save it. Even with excellent oral health, teeth can become cracked and broken from excessive strain. Cavities can become too large to fix with a routine filling. What happens then?

Fortunately, your dedicated Kuzma DDS Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry team can save your smile with strong, beautiful dental crowns in Fairfield, CA. Even if a tooth is missing or can’t be saved, we can rebuild your complete smile with dental bridges or implants, all in the same welcoming dental practice you already know and love.

What Is a
Dental Crown?

A dental crown, also called a tooth cap, completely covers the outer surface of a tooth with durable materials that match or surpass the strength of healthy natural enamel. At Kuzma DDS Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, we use the highest quality ceramic materials to match the shade, translucency, and shine of your natural teeth so that your dental crowns will blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

We often recommend dental crowns to stabilize cracked teeth that have not broken yet, strengthen root canal-treated teeth that may become brittle over time, and rebuild enamel lost to wear fractures and severe decay. Dental crowns are essential to many smile makeover treatment plans.

What Is a
Dental Bridge?

Missing teeth create gaps that affect the look of your smile and compromise the healthy function of your bite. Left unreplaced, missing teeth put excess strain on their neighbors, leading to a cascade of effects, including shifting, wear, and more broken and lost teeth.

Dental bridges replace missing teeth with a false tooth or several false teeth fused to dental crowns on each side to create one solid restoration that looks like several separate tooth crowns. We can attach your dental bridge to stable teeth on both sides of a gap. Or, we can seat your bridge on dental implants to replace several teeth in a row without affecting otherwise healthy natural teeth.

What Can Crowns and Bridges
Do for Your Oral Health?

  • Rebuild a healthy, stable bite
  • Replace enamel that’s been lost to wear, fractures, or decay
  • Prevent other teeth from shifting and becoming damaged
  • Stabilize teeth with hairline cracks that may progress to make the tooth unsalvageable
  • Relieve pain and discomfort caused by damaged and missing teeth
  • Restore a complete, beautiful smile with teeth that are the ideal size, shape, and color

We put Affordable Smile-Saving Care Within Reach

Dental crowns can save teeth that would otherwise be lost to progressive damage from cracks and decay. Bridges can prevent other types of damage from compounding and even lead to more teeth going missing.

In both cases, timely crowns and bridges prevent excess costs that come with worsening dental health problems. However, we understand that dental treatments like crowns and bridges can sometimes be urgent and unplanned, and finances can pose a significant obstacle to getting the care you need when you need it.

We’re healthcare providers first and foremost, so we’ll do what it takes to resolve your pain and stabilize your oral health. We offer flexible payment plans and third-party financing options to eliminate as many hurdles as possible so you can enjoy your beautiful, healthy smile for life!