Our Technology

Here at Kuzma DDS, we use the latest cutting edge technology for your treatment. Our office is completely renovated with the latest equipment that provides the best experience for our patients and helps our dentists give the best treatment available.

We are one of the only dental offices in Solano County with a CBCT (cone beam) machine

One of the things that sets Kuzma DDS apart is our brand new state of the art PlanMecca G5 CBCT machine.  Dental CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) and 3D imaging are quickly becoming the new standard of care for dentists and dental specialists. Cone beam imaging provides the unprecedented ability to evaluate a patient’s dental health in three dimensions, providing high image quality, better visualization of anatomical structures and powerful image management capabilities for superior treatment planning.

Dental cone beam computed tomography provides several distinct advantages over 2D panoramic dental X-ray systems. A CBCT scan provides advanced visualization of oral and maxillofacial structures enabling faster, more accurate diagnoses and helping to minimize the need for re-treatment.

Feel free to check out our website, www.kuzmadds.com, or give our office a call (707) 460-7793 for more information.